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    Hi, I'm Carmen!

    I'm a transformational health coach with a passion for helping men and women achieve more in their lives through better health.

    When I was younger I also struggled with being overweight. It dominated my life, I woke up with it and went to bed with it. My mother spent an enormous amount of time, money and energy on whatever diets I wanted to follow compulsively. I hated having no control over your weight at all, what a bad feeling!

    People around me were also working on it in a way that I recognized very well. This ultimately prompted me to make a decision to commit myself to finding a solution for this energy-consuming process. Not only for me but also for others!

    Now I stand here. I have strength, energy, and feel power! I am healthy and in control of my body! Health gives you all the possibilities! It gives you so much benefit in your life if you are healthy!

  • Your Transformational Health Coach

    What health transformation are you after? I will architect it for you!

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    A Physical Transformation?

    This transformational coaching journey involves weight management, overall health, energy, and fine-tuning your fitness. The entire training regimen covers flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance, and balance.

    1. Weight management
    2. Health energy
    3. Condition (balance, cardiovascular, flexibility, strength, coordination)
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    A Lifestyle Transformation?

    This transformational coaching journey involves life, food, mindset. Delving deeper into your life patterns and assessing if (drastic) adjustments are necessary.

    1. Physical transformation
    2. Think different (delete selfsabotage)
    3. Healthy Food
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    An Orthomolecular Intervention?

    This transformational coaching journey involves...

    1. Lab Diagnostic
    2. Healthy Food and supplements
    3. Metabolism problems
  • Popular Products

    I am a certified Fittergy coach and can help you make best use of these popular products.

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    Sport Fasting

    Sport Fasting...

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    Vegan Detox

    Vegan Flex Detox...

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    Strength Fasting

    Strenght Fasting...

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    Walk Fasting

    Walk Fasting...


    "Taking Carmen on as my health coach was the best decision I made in 2023. After the covid lockdowns I had put on some excess weight (15kg!) and while I was training hard in the gym and outdoors, the weight just did not come off. I asked Carmen for help and she prescribed me a custom program that involved exercise, better nutrition and how to improve my mental health to manage stress at work. Within just 3 months I had lost all my 15kg of excess weight and felt 100% fit again (physically and mentally). And the best thing is, now I know how to keep that weight off and stay in top shape and perform at my best. Having Carmen as my health coach was the best decision I made and the best money I spent! There is only one catch - do exactly what she tells you!"


    - Chris Baldwin -


    "Carmen the Coach. It rings like a bell! But one with a wonderfully rich tone. Carmen is not just an incredible coach but also a beautiful person. Someone you can talk to, laugh with, and cry with if needed - who, while coaching you, becomes a true friend. Full of empathy, a great sense of humor, musically inclined, and in conversation with her - even as you're cycling - effortlessly covers all topics. Whenever I've trained under her guidance, I emerge as a physically and mentally transformed person - and that refreshed self naturally wants to train with Carmen again. In short, she's simply addictive..


    - Mr. K.G.W van Oven (85yo) -


    "Carmen, I am incredibly grateful for all your knowledge about the human body, including organs, hormones, and neurological processes, and how they are shaped and influenced by nutrition and training. Your depth of understanding is remarkable. I particularly appreciate how microbiology can pinpoint specific causes or disruptions, which can then be resolved at the source using natural remedies, rather than simply suppressing symptoms with medication. Conventional medicine operates quite differently, and I believe this approach is increasingly the future. 

    I deeply appreciate the thoroughness with which you investigate the root causes of my vague and less vague complaints. It's so reassuring not to have to guess anymore! Where my regular doctor shrugged and couldn't help me, I'm grateful I found you, where I received clear explanations, test results, and solutions. This knowledge will benefit me greatly for the rest of my life. Thank you so much :)"


    - Marijn Kramp -

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