Personal Assistant for Your Health….

.. and then your Successful Bussiness

Being a successful businessman or woman surely feels great. You’ve worked hard for it, you’re still working hard, or perhaps the business is self-supportive, allowing you to focus more on yourself. There are absolutely many more options available. However, when you work long hours, travel frequently, and juggle a family and a busy social life alongside your successful career, where is the time and energy for yourself? When do you find time to exercise? Do you have numerous business lunches or dinners and know what to eat? Is there someone who consistently monitors you and guides you on all these points? In short, how is your health? Staying successful requires energy and muscle mass both literally and figuratively!

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I always think of Stephen Covey’s example of the goose that lays golden eggs. You can polish those golden eggs endlessly, but the goose itself must stay healthy oh and shiny.
Sometimes, it helps to have a Personal Assistant who observes for a (longer)
period how, when, and how long the goose should rest, eat, adapt to the
environment, and ensure those eggs remain shiny. It’s remarkable how often this
is forgotten. On the plane, which you probably likely find yourself on often,
what does the cabincrew advise again incase of emergencies when the pressure drops?

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A personal Assistant for your health is worth everyting! You now know where to find me :-)