Mission Possible 2.0(24):

Your Path to a Stronger Version of Yourself

Funny, isn't it? Your brain immediately thinks of "Mission Impossible," while the opposite is true! "Mission Possible" is about your physical and mental mission to become the best, strongest, and most beautiful version of yourself within five weeks.

A Look Back at Last Year

Last year 2023, I offered this mission for the first time in September, and it was a success with 9 participants: 8 women and 1 man. We had five fantastic weeks, partly thanks to the summery weather. Our target group was 50+, an age group that often reaches a point in life where everything can suddenly feel different. My passion is to exert influence with my expertise during this phase of life, creating strong group dynamics and motivating everyone intrinsically to bring out the best in themselves. What a close-knit family we were during those five weeks! :-)

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Structure of the Mission

The mission begins with a promise to yourself, a kind of agreement where you pledge to achieve your set goals. Then, the following five weeks are divided into three phases including:

- Nutrition Plans: Personalized dietary advice.

- Exercise Plans: Tailored workout schedules.

- Group Classes and Evening Walks: Including a refreshing dip in the sea.

- Masterclasses: On nutrition, exercise, and hormones.

- Weigh-ins: To track your progress.

- Ice Bath Session: A challenging and concluding activity.

- Group App Communication: For continuous support and motivation.

- Supplements and Detox: A 10-day course for an optimal start.

Results and Lasting Impact

The results were impressive: on average, each participant lost 5.4 kg. The group members have continued to support each other, still work out together, and motivate each other to stay active according to the learned routine.

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New Start in September

This coming September, I will start again with a new group. Registration will open very soon, so keep an eye out and make sure to sign up quickly!